$ 407/tree

Contract Period : 18 years
Location : Blitar, Jawa Timur
Expected Return : 19-47% per year
Harvest Period : Every year since 5th year (approximately)
328 tree plantation have been sponsored by 116 people
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Durian (or Durio zibethinus) is a tropical fruit that is controversial, as some people can be very fond of the durian while others detest it.  Moreover, for durian lovers, they are willing to search for durian in faraway places.


Therefore, people always look for improved varieties of durian.  Currently, among durian varieties, the most superior variety is the Weasel King, whose price could reach Rp. 250.000,- (equal to $ 20) per piece in the import fruit market.  The fruit’s flesh is soft like ice cream and very tasty, making durian fans willing to pay steep prices for this fruit.


Durian trees begin to bear fruits at the age of 5 years and can continue to bear fruit productively for decades.  At the peak of production, a durian tree can produces about 200 pieces.  To plant a durian tree, you need about 100 m2 of land (on a 1-acre farm, there are about 100 durian trees).



Assuming the land lease in Java for this durian plan happens in the long term (18 years), planting durian will be beneficial economically with an IRR of about 18% from the investment value of Rp. 5.000.000,- (equal to $ 394) per tree – including the cost of land lease, seeds, care, supervision, etc