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Precision Farming For Vegetables

    Location : iGrow -Nudira Green House - Pengalengan

Rp 1.500.000/Unit

Contract Period : 10 years
Expected Return : 12% per year
Profit sharing period : Annually
2305 Unit plantation have been sponsored by 520 people
    644  Unit left

   Profit Simulation


The availability of vegetable stocks with stable standards of quality and quantity for the needs of modern retailers, hotels and restaurants is both a challenge and an opportunity.


Become a challenge because agriculture business that is generally very dependent on weather and climate change, directly affect the agricultural products both in terms of quantity and quality. While modern retailers, hotels and restaurants need this supply continuously to ensure the continuity of their services and end products.


On the other hands it is becomes an opportunity if we can overcome it because then we will become a reliable supplier of high quality vegetables. We will take this  opportunity with Precision Farming concept - that is farming in Green House with microclimate control and accurate nutrition supply.


Because this Precision Farming involving technology like this is capital-intensive, iGrow will build a community-owned green house. Community members can sponsor construction starting from 1 (one) unit of 1 (one) m2, which is then managed by iGrow with experienced operator partners in this field.


In addition to community members sharing results and risks, community members are also automatically able to learn together with this jointly owned Precision Farming facility. Hope in the future popping Precision Farming projects like this in various locations to supply the needs of high quality vegetables that will continue to increase.


For the first time this Precision Farming facility will be used to grow cherry tomatoes, then lettuce and then a variety of modern vegetables that will be needed by the market.


The Green House is expected to be used for 10 years, and will start delivering results from the end of the first year. It takes about 6 months to build it then 3-4 months of initial planting period, so by the end of the first year it is expected to start giving results.


Profit sharing will be given annually during the productive green house period of 10 years. During this period it is estimated that the average result will be in the range of 12% per year.

 Profit Simulation

Profit Simulation

Our Partner

PT. Nudira Sumber Daya Indonesia

Operator iGrow


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8 hours ago

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Gregorius Gerry has planted crop Precision Farming For Vegetables in iGrow -Nudira Green House - Pengalengan
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