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iGrow Livestock - Bali Cattle

    Location : Buleleng, Bali

Rp 12.000.000/livestock

Contract Period : 2 years
Expected Return : 12% -15% per year
Profit sharing period : Annually
30 livestock have been sponsored by 20 people
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Meat supply is still always a problem in Indonesia, so efforts to provide solutions must be continuously pursued by the community itself. It is for this reason that iGrow is called upon to engage in learning and invite the masses to learn to overcome this meat problem by using our own advantage.


For this learning we take the area in Bali, not only because the tradition of the community has been good livestock farmer - also because in Bali there is a superior cattle called Bali Cattle.


Bali cattle is what should have the potential to become the country's flagship in overcoming the needs of meat, because Bali cattle are very resistant to hot weather, benign and easy to control.


Bali cattle are also easy in terms of feed, can even live with less nutritious grass as well. His non-selective eating habits and adaptability to his environment will make Bali's cattle the best bet and foundation of our national meat solution.


From the meat content, the superiority of Bali cattle is also very prominent. About 56% -57% of carcasses place it well above the average carcass of cattle ranging from 45% - 48%. The quality of the fiber is also superior, so the Balinese Cow is very suitable for the base of Indonesian food that is famous for its deliciousness.


In terms of breeding, Bali Cattle is more easily developed because they are fertile cattle with breeding probability of 40% -80% and the distance between one breading to the next next is only around one year.


With all these advantages, iGrow strives to present an invitation to those who want to be involve for meat self-sufficiency with the concept of cattle raising by the farmer community - not industry.


This is early learning process, may still be at risk – that why we don’t want to much yet. At this early stage we will only try with maximum 24 cattle with 3 - 5 farmers involved. As it is still in this learning process, we are also only targeting a conservative return in the range of 10-15% per year for those willing to be involved in sponsoring it.


A more meaningful will be provided once we satisfy with this initial exercise.

 Profit Simulation

Profit Simulation

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Fatimah Bandri has planted crop iGrow Livestock - Bali Cattle in Buleleng, Bali
2 months ago

Agung Setiawan has planted crop iGrow Livestock - Bali Cattle in Buleleng, Bali
2 months ago

Agung Setiawan has planted crop iGrow Livestock - Bali Cattle in Buleleng, Bali
3 months ago

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