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Super Manggo

    Location : Jonggol, Jawa Barat

Rp 2.500.000/tree

Contract Period : 12 years
Expected Return : 15%
Profit sharing period : Setelah berbuah di tahun ke 4 atau ke 5
190 tree plantation have been sponsored by 72 people
    78  tree left

   Profit Simulation


This super manggo consists of a combination of two types of manggo namely Agrimania - Indonesia's superior manggo that has won  number of contests, the second is a superior imported manggo called Kio Joy.


Both have advantages in terms of size and taste. In terms of the size both manggos are quite large, one manggo can reach more than one kilogram in weight. The difference is Agrimania tend to be round and very sweet, while Kio Joy tends to be oval and sweet savory.


Both are planted in the same garden with three purposes. The first is for a variety of choice of shapes and flavors of the fruits, secondly because the slightly different character is expected to reduce the spread of the disease when one or other diseases attack in this garden, and the third is the optimization of the results.


The revenue share will be on average of all the manggoes planted in the same garden, and is expected to begin to bear fruit in 4th or 5th years and continue to be productive until the 12th year. Estimated results are estimated at 15% per year for 12 years contract.

 Profit Simulation

Profit Simulation

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Recent Investment

Daniel Alexander R has planted crop Super Manggo in Jonggol, Jawa Barat
1 day ago

Dhamar Yudho Aji has planted crop Super Manggo in Jonggol, Jawa Barat
2 days ago

Septian Hari has planted crop Super Manggo in Jonggol, Jawa Barat
3 days ago

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