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Super Grain

    Location : Buleleng, Bali

Rp 15.000.000/Hectares

Contract Period : 2 years
Expected Return : 15% - 18%
Profit sharing period : Bagi hasil dibagikan setiap tahun.
28 Hectares plantation have been sponsored by 24 people
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Super Grain is a combination of two grains of corn and sorghum. Both have similarities in terms of soil requirement, plants characters, and grains produced. We combine both of them to achieve optimal results in land utilization in times of uncertain climate change.


Corn requires land or moor land and still requires relatively large amounts of water, so it can be planted when the land gets enough water. In the same land, the sorghum will be better able to survive if the soil does not get enough water - especially in the dry season.


Combining the two in the rotation cropping pattern is expected to provide optimal results, planting corn when water is sufficient and replace it with sorghum when it is estimated that water is no longer sufficient.


With this cultivation pattern, it is expected that farmers will still get the good result of their land even in the dry season, and it is also expected to provide an adequate return for the sponsors.


It takes a minimum of 2 years contract for one season cycle consisting of 5-6 times of  harvest. It is estimated that net returns for sponsors will be in the range of 15% -18% per annum depending on whether during the two-years contract can earn 5 or 6 harvests, the profit share is given annually in accordance with the total harvest throughout the year.

 Profit Simulation

Profit Simulation

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Recent Investment

Moh Imron has planted crop Super Grain in Buleleng, Bali
4 weeks ago

Muhammad Hanifi has planted crop Super Grain in Buleleng, Bali
1 month ago

Medina Azzahra Hadar has planted crop Super Grain in Buleleng, Bali
1 month ago

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