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    Location : Perkebunan Ketela Subang - Jawa Barat

Rp 15.000.000/Unit

Contract Period : 1 years
Expected Return : 16% per year
Profit sharing period : 1 Year
100 Unit plantation have been sponsored by 72 people
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Cassava is a multi-purpose source of carbohydrates that are easy to grow almost in any places in Indonesia. Cassava produces can be used for human food such as mocaf (Modified Cassava Flour) for substitution of imported flour,  can be used for livestock feed and even for industrial raw materials like  bioplastics industries etc.

With proper planting techniques and handling of biomass to achieve maximum restore land back to nature, cassava plantation will become a sustainable agriculture practices as nutrients that are picked from soil will be recovered by the biomass that grows on it.

For this initial phase we will spend an  average capital of Rp 30 million per hectare cassava plantation with results in the range of about 60 tones per hectare. With a conservative price at Rp 700 per kg, and for the results of 40% of investors, 40% of farmers / operators and 20% iGrow, then the estimated results from this cassava is about 16% per year for the investor.

To make it available for more sponsor , we make the unit small enough , i.e 0.5 ha with total cost for plantation etc Rp 15,000,000,- per unit.

 Profit Simulation

Profit Simulation

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PT Kreasi Agro Terpadu (KIAT)

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