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Contract Period : 3 years
Location : Blitar, Jawa Timur
Expected Return : 15-20% per year
Harvest Period : 3 times after 16th month
762 Unit plantation have been sponsored by 494 people
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Note: 1 unit = 1000 m2 = 160-170 tree


iGrow Banana is result of cooperation between iGrow, Calipha Land – Blitar and one of the largest retail network in Indonesia.


The banana planting project is part of the cooperation to supply fresh fruit, including pineapple, manga, dragon fruit and avocado.  


The composition of the project is 70% planted banana cavendis, and the rest are local bananas such as Ambon, Gold, Baranang, etc.


Planting bananas will use the system intensively with a plant density of about 1,660 trees per hectare, with a drip irrigation system that could be productive throughout all season (insha Allah).


Because of the large number of trees per hectare managed, the cost of planting, maintenance, and management is estimated to reach Rp. 125.000.000,- (equal to $ 9,840) per hectare per 3 years since the plant will be replanted every three years.  But in order for iGrow bananas to be followed by more participants, we divide the planting units into per 1000 m2 (1 seed) each or in the range of 160-170 trees.


So the cost per unit in the iGrow system is Rp. 12.500.000,- (equal to $ 984), and all the money goes for a three-year partnership.  Results will be given per year with 60% revenue sharing for the sponsor and 40% for the farmers, surveyors and administrators of iGrow.


With this composition, the net result for the sponsor is expected to be in the range of 15-20% per year.



The first stage of early planting is only available up to 75 hectares, so it is only given to sponsors who sign up early.