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    Location : Buleleng, Bali

Rp 14.900.000/Hectares

Contract Period : 6 months
Expected Return : 9-13% per 6 months
Harvest Period : After 6 month
182 Hectares plantation have been sponsored by 100 people

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In cooperation with CV Mitra Garuda, Cooperative Andhika, and MUI with Bali-Buleleng peanut farmers, iGrow began planting peanuts this season.  The cost of planting per hectare includes the lease of land, seed, and costs of planting, maintenance, harvesting and marketing, administration, and supervision fees (Rp. 14.900.000,- or $ 1,173 per hectare per 6 months).


Planting peanuts has a high risk because peanuts are seasonal plants.  However, the result of the first harvest gave profit around 13% for six months, thanks to God.



Looking from the result, for the next season, iGrow is planning to increase the amount of land from 45 hectares to 120 hectares, and now we plant 200 hectares of peanuts.  Peanut planting has a high risk and therefore, the cooperation is only offered for those who want to learn together in this field seriously.  We build a national production of peanuts that currently has value higher than the value of rice in the import sector.

 Profit Simulation

Profit Simulation

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CV Mitra Garuda

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2 days ago

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2 days ago

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