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    Location : Jonggol, Jawa Barat

Rp 3.500.000/tree

Contract Period : 15 years
Expected Return : 15-20% per year
Profit sharing period : Every year since 4th year (approximately)
1357 tree plantation have been sponsored by 132 people
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Olive (Olea europea) is a special plant that is mentioned in at least three holy books.  Even in the Qur’an, the olive tree is mentioned specifically as a blessed tree (Surah 24:35), something that is a blessing – especially blessed – and is very beneficial.


Most of these benefits have already known for centuries, such as that oil is useful for food oil, medicine, and source of fire or energy.


As food oil, olive oil is prescribed in the Qur’an as a spice and there are also instructions on how to use it for seasoning – that is by dye, smear or spread it (Surah 23:20).  Using the recipes and the seasoning process from Qur’an, almost all types of food from rice, bread, meat, and even fruit/vegetables turn into delicious meals when seasoned with olive oil.


As medication, the olive oil in the treatment process, as the Prophet has demonstrated (Tibbun Nabawi), has been prescribed for at least 70 diseases (e.g., heart disease/cardiovascular, cancer, stomach illness, leprosy, etc.).  The oil is not only effective for healing but the leaves are also can made into herbal tea, which can improve our health,  and also has been proven that it can effectively cure many varieties of the flu.


As a source of fire or energy, the olive has been used for thousands years for lighting, like gasoline/kerosene lamps.  Nowadays, olive oil is also a great potential to be used as renewable sources of energy such as bio-diesel. One day the olive is going to be planted and produced massively in countries such as Indonesia.


One of the blessings of the olive tree, which has just been found, is its role in nature conservation.  Olives are now used as a very effective reforestation tool for plants to keep soil watered and CO2 absorbed in nature for the long term.


The thick and small leaves of olives make them very efficient in using the ground water because they can withstand the maximum evaporation.  Given with such character, olive trees can live even in a very dry land.


Another blessing of the olive tree is its long live age, which can reach 2,000 years or more.  This means that once we plant this tree, it can become our alms, and it will continue on into our next life.


This blessed tree – the olive – now is ready to be planted massively in Indonesia after the success of the olive seed using micro-cutting technology in the iGrow laboratory at Startup Center – Depok.  Seeds in large quantities and various ages are now available and ready to bring blessing and greening to Indonesia.


These seeds can now be planted in the garden at Jonggol Farm.  Even the final product in the form of fruits and leaves has already can be defined; that is, when the olive’s fruit appears, it will become key material for the olive oil industry.  But if the blessings only come from leaves, still it will not reduce the promised blessing of olive trees, as it can become the raw material of herbal industry.


The herbal production process of olive leaves is called Olive Leaf Extract called (OLE), which is halal without involving the extraction of alcohol (Alhamdulillah), and also already has been mastered by us.


Just because there are no statistical and proven business models in this country for the olives, we do not dare to promise a high result.  Our moderate estimation is only around 9-12% per year.  While learning together, we’ll fine tune this estimate as time goes by.



The cost of seeds contained in this website (Rp. 3.500.000,- or $ 276 per tree) is already included in the land lease for 15 years, also consisting of seedlings, planting costs, maintenance, and sales.

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